TIHR PLAYLIST: The HARD Stuff from Punk to Metal to Power Pop and all points in between

The search is on for new music from the Unheard Of. People who’ve been making music for decades or just a few years even who we may never get a real chance to hear unless we do hours long deep dives down rabbit holes on the interwebs, at local clubs, on the smallest of the small radio stations, or on playlists of little known but very cool DJ’s, from musicians who sequester for years until we smoke ’em out and from other unlikely places.

Here is our very first offering of songs from a smattering of genres; this list is highly random and purposely un-programmed. It’s songs that we think are good to great, from artists who are prolific or who may never write and record another song in their lives. We don’t care. It’s about the song. And the artist, of course. Some folks are damn interesting, we relish the idea of hearing the music of damned interesting musicians.

This first list is full of ringers, I’ll admit. Some of these submissions are kind of “cheats” as the artist or band may have had lots of airplay in the past or some but is not widely known outside a small circle of dedicated fans, usually from their local music scene.

From good to great, all of these songs are in Heavy Rotation on my personal play list right now. One is from a relatively well known artist, (I had to include him, you’ll see!) and some are from independent musicians who I’ve been following for decades now. I’m indulging. Join me won’t you?

The List

  1. ROBOT FAIL – Netherlands, from the double vinyl LP, SILICON VAPOR (2013, self release)
  2. Surrounded – RAWB Middleton, Puppies and Kittens (2021, Pandermonkey)
  3. Solar Winds – Emotional Android, Logic Level Zero (2022, self release)
  4. Entwined – Skip the Needle, We Ain’t Never Going Back (2019, self release)
  5. We Ain’t Never Going Back, Skip the Needle, We Ain’t Never Going Back (2019, self release)
  6. Quiet Like Nature – Timo Ellis, The Enchanted Forest of Timo Ellis (re-release 2017, self release)
  7. Alpha Howl – Moon Tooth, Phototroph (2022, Pure Noise Records)
  8. Carry Me Home – Moon Tooth, Phototroph (2022, Pure Noise Records)
  9. Ghosts – Year of the Fist, Revive Me (2019, Heart On Records)
  10. The Fight – Year of the Fist, Year of the Fist (2021)
  11. Equal Beast, Wild Cool Anger (re-release 2021, Y Records)
  12. Zero – Flake, Box (re-release 2021, Y Records)
  13. The Night of the The Night of the Stoney Night Jam – Shania Divorce Shocker! (2007, self release)
  14. Chip Platinum Presents! – Shania Divorce Shocker! (2007, self release)
  15. The Ballad of Old Snotty Tom – Godpork, Factum Ex Porcus (2018, self release)
  16. Apotheosis – Godpork, Factum Ex Porcus (2018, self release)
  17. The Black Ends –
  18. The Gits