about us

That one song you just can't stop playing...

Music obsession. A chance to promote the music of artists most of us may never get a chance to hear from. Helping artists make a living. After a lifetime of listening, performing, recording, promoting, producing events, still obsessed.

We’re not professional music reviewers, we just know what we like. We
try to purchase as much of the music we review as possible. Our goal is
to encourage listeners to support musicians and everyone else involved
in bringing us all the music we get to hear. And by support, we mean by
buying the music, merch, tickets to shows, etc. so they can keep making
it for us.

Upcoming Projects

TIRH Collaborations: Curated duets between some of our long time favorite songwriters, new finds and everything in between. Look for a mix of genres, styles, philosophies and work flows. We’ll document as much as we can, premiere each work and even start a Collaborations Club so you can join in on the fun.

TIHR Podcast: We’re producing an audio based podcast to talk with musicians about their works, new and old. Audio only because we’re interested in presenting the song in the raw. Well, there’ll be pretty pictures of art and such to look at as you listen. But, it’s really about the song. All about the song. Maybe that’s what well call it. TIHR: All About the Song. Stay tuned.

TIHR Playlists: To further promote artists you may never get a chance to hear from unless you’re able to take some seriously deep dives down the underground rabbit hole or have friends who do this for you, we’ll be putting together some playlists for you. Featuring new and veteran composers, players, rockers, of all genres. You’ll soon find out we are not genre specific, we will add whatever obsesses us. Anything that we feel possessed to put into Heavy Rotation.

This is a work in progress. We’re feeling our way along. We hope to make this an interactive community as we get going. If you have suggestions and/or want to participate in some way give us a holla at thisisheavyrotation (at) gmail. com. See ya!