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This Is Heavy Rotation PR is an independent, boutique media relations agency in Seattle, Washington. We provide full service regional, national and global press, radio and social media campaigns  specializing in clients who’ve become ready for more serious exposure while at the up and coming stage of their career.

TIHR focuses on creating, heightening and supporting awareness  of new and unknown artists while carefully fostering each clients’ image, products and events. Each campaign is specially crafted to suit individual artists needs… and budget. At TIHR we realize artists have limited resources from which they need to gain the most impact. We not only respect that, but we encourage it and build our successful media campaigns with exactly that in mind; tailoring each campaign to fit the artists’ needs.
Been around a while? We may be the PR firm for you, too.
Because we’re an independent agency, we can focus on just a few campaigns at a time, making sure to provide detailed attention to every stage of the project.
Cultivating media relationships on behalf of clients